Saturday, 31 May 2014

The sweetest thing

This post is not about prostitution, sexuality or even love, which some claim is oh-oooh-oh, the sweetest thing. It's about literally a very sweet thing - the perfect cake frosting/crème that you can put on or between anything. 

I love baking cakes - maybe even slightly more than eating them. And a few months ago I finally found the perfect frosting to put on top or in the middle of my cakes to make them sweeter, moister, fatter and tastier. 

So there it goes - you'll need one pack unsalted butter (125 gr.), one pack cream cheese (I use full-fat Philadelphia of 185 gr.), around 250 gr. thick yoghurt (I use "Greek style") and one cup powder sugar. You can adjust the proportions slightly to your taste - more yoghurt makes it lighter, less sugar - less sweet, less butter - less fat.. Beat the cream cheese with the softened butter, then add the yoghurt and afterwards the sugar, mix well and voilà - the sweetest thing in five minutes or less. It's very sweet but at the same time not heavy. 

You can also pimp this up in every way you want to fit your taste - add vanilla or caramel, fruit, jam, coconut flakes, other nuts, cocoa, melted white chocolate... You can put it on top or in the middle of any cake, I've tried it, for example, in the middle of this Sacher cake instead of the apricot jam (the recipe is in Russian) but of course, then it's not Sacher anymore... If I'm too lazy to bake, I just put a layer of biscuits or lady fingers (I dip them first in coffee, milk or fruit juice), a layer of the crème and then repeat, possibly with cocoa or fruit in the middle and on top.


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